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  • Spread the love: recruit new members

    Do your members love being a part of Builders Club? Ask them to brainstorm ways they could get even more members to see how awesome it is! In fact, a recruitment drive makes it a group effort. Here are five steps Builders Club members can follow: 

    • Discussion. The club officers could lead a discussion on why the club needs more members—and how inviting other students to join can have a positive impact on them.  
    • Brainstorm. The club can discuss how to motivate other students to join. Questions to help facilitate brainstorming include: What are simple ways that we can ask others? Should we hold a special event? Are there places such as announcements or bulletin boards where we can post an invitation? 
    • Plan. The club should start planning the details of their recruitment drive: the responsibilities of each member, the timeline and deadlines for the event, talking points regarding why students should join, etc.  
    • Execute. Encourage members to show their Builders Club pride as they host their recruitment drive. Members should be able to express why others should join, how to join and what the club's upcoming activities are. 
    • Celebrate. Once the new members are initiated and welcomed into the club, celebrate with a small party or member rewards. 
    For a list of recruitment ideas, refer to page 46 of the K-Kids & Builders Club guide.

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  • New year, new service project

    In November's edition of the BC Wire, we shared how Builders Club can evaluate community needs—and make an informed decision on what service project would best address them. The next step is for the club to gather information about the cause and who would benefit, and for each individual member to develop a connection with the project. Here are a few ways to encourage each club member to become passionate about the service project: 

    • Get them curious. Middle school students are curious by nature. Let them ask questions and research answers.  
    • Bring in an expert. When possible, bring in an outside community resource to help explain the need and how the project will benefit people.  
    • Personal reflection. Have each member take a few moments to write a personal letter to themselves about what the service project means to them. Ask them to think about why they want to participate and what they already know about it.  
    • Let the students plan and lead. Members feel empowered—and connected to a cause—when they put their leadership skills into practice.  
    Help your club hit the ground running in 2017—put their enthusiasm and curiosity to use in your community!

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  • Check out February’s contest

    Congratulations to the St. Mary School Builders Club in the Kiwanis Illinois-Eastern Iowa District for winning the Best T-shirt design contest! Faculty advisor Steph Forsberg will soon collect the club’s prize, a free $100 shopping spree from Check out the winning entry.  

    Starting February 1, Builders Clubs can enter the Best Poster for a Cause contest. What are your members passionate about? What do they want to change? How do they want to make their school, community and world a better place? For this contest, Builders Club members will work together to design posters as part of an advocacy campaign.  

    Entries will be accepted until February 10. Individuals may vote for their favorites from February 13–19. The winner will be announced February 27. Want to increase your club's chances of winning? Share your club's entry on social media and encourage your friends and family to vote! For more information about this contest, visit the Builders Club contest information page.  

    Are your club members skilled in making oral reports, videos, songs, or scrapbooks? Check out the rest of this year's contests with members and enter! 

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  • Club activity: Valentine's Day appreciation cards

    Encourage your club members to make people smile by making cards of appreciation for Valentine's Day. Members may decide to make a valentine for someone who helps them on a daily basis, such as their garbage collector, bus driver or cafeteria worker. Or members might choose to make valentines for people they know who are going through a rough time—such as a peer who is being bullied, families dealing with a loved one in the hospital, etc.  

    The club could spend some time at a club meeting putting a list of recipients. Together, members can then craft the cards and deliver them. Afterward, the club can discuss how this simple project made a difference to the card recipients.

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