Service to school and community is at the heart of Builders Club

Preparing people for service leadership is the primary goal of Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs. The Builders Club experience prepares young people to become well-skilled and engaged members of their communities – now and in the future.

Through a variety of activities, all members should strive to experience the service leadership model:


How can an advisor grow member’s service interests, support their various service acts and increase the impact they make through service?

  • Conduct activities where members identify their interests.
  • Encourage students to perform acts of service within their daily lives and in circles outside of school – and then ask them to share those experiences. Then recognize the students’ service.
  • Require members to use data and insights they learned about needs and causes from their research as a basis for new service projects.
  • Ensure the club’s choices for service initiatives are student-led, follow high impact criteria and are evaluated by members.
  • Introduce the club to community charities and cause-related organizations they might not discover on their own.
  • Give members an opportunity to find their voice and learn how to advocate for causes they care about.
  • Make time for members to assess their learning and service in the club and their impact in the community and world.

Use the following resources to plan impactful service.

Service Resources

Service Meeting Kits

The Service Toolkit and Service Meeting Kit activities were created to help club officers lead members through each step of IDEA — Builders Club’s four-step process for creating high quality, high impact service projects. These steps are: (1) Identify the Need; (2) Develop the Understanding; (3) Execute the Plan; and (4) Aim for Impact.

Builders Club Meeting Kits

Builders Club Meeting Kits are ready-to-go tools for club officers and advisors to run meetings while covering many important topics.

Virtual Key Leader

Help Builders Club members strengthen their leadership skills by participating in online leadership training through Virtual Key Leader.

Kiwanis One Day

Unite with other Kiwanis Family members for a day of community service. Kiwanis offers awesome service project ideas.

Builders Club Week

Participate in Builders Club Week which occurs annually during the third full week of March.