Everyone associated with a Builders Club — advisors, members, sponsoring club members — has a role with responsibilities.

Builders Clubs have governing documents and policies in place so that everyone involved with the club will know what’s expected of them, what processes to follow and who to approach with questions.

Governing documents
Guidelines describing how the club should conduct business are noted in the club’s Bylaws.

To assist club members in running effective club meetings in which all members can comment and be heard introduce club members to Parliamentary Procedure.

Sponsorship and Co-sponsorship
Responsibilities of the Kiwanis club are explained in the Builders Club Petition for Charter document. Co-sponsoring Kiwanis-family club members such as Key Club and Circle K are expected to uphold the same sponsorship requirements.

Volunteer conduct
In order to keep everyone involved with Builders Club safe, volunteers are required to follow specific Youth Protection Guidelines.

The Club Advisor’s Role
Understanding your responsibilities as advisor to club members and sponsoring Kiwanis club members is important to the health and success of the club. Learn more about how to support and guide club members and adult volunteers by reviewing the Builders Club advisor guide.