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  • Celebrate spring with a service project!

    Springtime is here! With the warmer weather comes the opportunity for more service that can benefit the whole community. Here’s a list of project ideas that Builders Club officers might want to present to their clubs:

    • Clean up a park. 
    • Plant a tree.
    • Grow and share flowers.
    • Start a community or school garden.
    • Make bird feeders to hang in a public space.
    • Form a volunteer lawn-mowing service.
    • Collect used outdoor toys or sporting equipment and donate them to a neighborhood school or community center.
    • Organize a car wash fundraiser to benefit a local charity.
    • Use chalk to write inspirational messages on public sidewalks.
    • Hand out sunscreen packets and spread awareness about skin cancer prevention.
    • Create and organize a nature scavenger hunt for younger kids.
    • Design and build a public lending library where people can leave and take a book. 
    Do you have more great service project ideas for the spring? Share them on the Builders Club Facebook page!

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  • 5 unique ways to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

    Teacher Appreciation week is May 2–6, 2016. It’s a perfect occasion for Builders Club, since teachers have a huge impact on club members. Here are five unique ways the club can celebrate their teachers during the week:

    1. “Tell” on the teacher. Encourage members to write a letter to the school administration or principal describing all the ways in which their favorite teacher has gone the extra mile. And ask that the teachers be recognized. 
    2. Decorate the school. Builders Club members could make posters and other decorations that feature messages of appreciation. Post them in the hallways—and maybe even hang streamers from classroom doors.
    3. Offer a snack cart. Members could each bring in a fun snack item. Place the snacks on a cart for members to take turns wheeling around the building, offering a snack and a few words of appreciation to each teacher.
    4. Organize a car wash. Invite teachers and other school staff to a free after-school car wash in the parking lot. 
    5. Present certificates of appreciation. Invite teachers to the next Builders Club meeting—where each one can be presented with a member-made certificate that includes personalized reasons why he or she is appreciated.

    Don’t forget to share how your club celebrated Teacher Appreciation week by sharing your stories and photos on Builders Club Facebook or tagging @Builders Club on Twitter.

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  • Builders Clubs making a difference!

    There are more than 45,000 Builders Club members around the world. Ever wonder what other clubs are doing? Check out these recent success stories! 

    • Riverside Middle School Builders Club invited Montana Governor Steve Bullock to help them make sandwiches for the homeless. And Governor Bullock said yes! So the club members got to do a service project right next to the governor of their state. 
    • In Michigan, the Kalkaska Middle School Builders Club volunteered to teach residents at a senior center how to use laptops, cell phones, social media, email accounts and other technologies.
    • El Segundo Middle School Builders Club in California presented local police officers with individually addressed goodie bags filled with candy and thank-you messages for keeping their community safe. 
    • Ferrucci Middle School Builders Club in Washington organized a Valentine’s Day dance for a local retirement home. Twenty Builders Club members spent their Saturday dancing with the residents and bringing them joy. 
    • In Illinois, Jane Addams Middle School Builders Club got creative and painted spring-themed pictures for local hospital patients.
    Want to hear more stories like these? Follow Builders Club on Facebook and Twitter! That’s where great stories are always being shared. And don’t forget to share your stories by tagging @BuildersClub.

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  • New advisor resource: Reflection tool

    As the end of the Builders Club year approaches, take a few minutes to reflect. What were your successes? What have you learned? Consider using the new Builders Club advisor reflection tool. There are several benefits to using this tool. Here are a few:

    • Improved co-advising. Each faculty and Kiwanis advisor can fill it out individually and then meet for discussion about working even better together.
    • Reminders for next year. By writing all of your thoughts down while the Builders Club year is fresh in your mind, it will be a big help when next year comes around! 
    • Useful transition. When you are ready to retire from being a Builders Club advisor (whether that be next year or years down the road), this will help the incoming advisor to follow in your footsteps.

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  • Icebreaker: Who am I?

    Here’s some fun for a club meeting towards the end of the school year, when members know each other a bit better. 

    Supplies needed:

    • 1 post it note for each member
    • Pens
    • 1 sheet of paper for each member
    A Builders Club officer instructs the members to write one or two little-known things about themselves on their post-it note, with their name at the top. The officer leading the activity collects all the post-it notes. The officer then instructs the members to number their sheets of paper down one side to be equal to the number of people who turned in a post-it. The officer then reads each post-it aloud, careful not to say the names as each member writes guesses about which post-it belongs to which member. Whoever makes the most correct guesses is the winner.

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