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  • 5 fun ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

    Teacher Appreciation Week is almost here! In 2015, the annual week for students in the U.S. to show their gratitude will be May 4–8. It’s a perfect time for your club to connect with educators and have a little fun. Here are five small, creative gift ideas: 

    • Hand sanitizer with a note: "HANDS down, you're the best teacher around.” 
    • A nice pair of scissors with a note: "You're a CUT above the rest."
    • Coffee mug and latte packets with a note: "Thanks a LATTE for all you do!" 
    • A bag of popcorn with a note: "For a very POPular teacher."
    • Mug and tea bags with a note: "For a TEArrific teacher.

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  • Eliminate Week: Are you ready?

    Eliminate Week is right around the corner! It’s an especially fun and easy way to support The Eliminate Project before Mother’s Day. Focus on raising awareness and funds May 4–8—and do your part to help eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. Use this Eliminate Week graphic on your school’s website or social media page to promote your club’s events.
    The big week is almost here. Need ideas? Here are a few that your club can still do. Don’t forget to work with your school administration for any needed permission or cooperation.

    • Host a hat day. Ask students to donate US$1 to wear a hat during the school day. 
    • Collect spare change. Have members organize an effort to ask fellow students for donations during lunch—telling them that even spare change can help protect mothers and babies around the world.
    • Host a tournament. You can do anything from ping-pong to Wii bowling. Simply charge an entry fee and give away a prize, such as a donated gift card, to the winner. Then give all funds raised to The Eliminate Project.
    • Sell flowers. Contact a local florist and buy carnations to sell at school. Encourage students to buy them for friends, teachers and mothers—or even tie it into Teacher Appreciation Week. You can download tags to attach to the flower on page 6 of the Eliminate Week toolkit.
    More ideas and resources can be found at After your project is complete, fill out the online form for your 2015 Eliminate Week patch. Celebrate club members’ accomplishments!

    Want to do more? Get out the cameras, and get creative! Encourage students to enter the Builders Club video contest. The winning entry will be featured in the August 2015 BC WIRE—and shared with Builders Clubs around the world. Submit entries by Friday, May 22, 2015. Learn more about the eligibility requirements online. 

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  • Seeds of Service: The vision stage

    Has your club been following the service project investigation process for Seeds of Service? If so, it’s time for the third and final stage: the vision stage. Need to catch up? Check out the inspiration and issue stages on our website. In the vision stage, members use the results of their research to develop a plan for their project. Here is an activity to help you lead club members through this stage and to finish the investigation process.

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  • Family Service Project: Sowing “seeds of service"

    It’s finally time for the Family Service Project! Remember, it’s a way to encourage club members to keep serving others even when they’re not in school—and to get families involved as well. In your club renewal kits, you should have received lettuce seed packets and a Family Service Project instruction guide. At an April club meeting, distribute one seed packet and a copy of the guide to each member. Encourage them to follow the instructions with their families. You might want to review the activity with members as well. Give ’em a little summer momentum . . . and keep up their spirit for service!

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  • It's Election Time!

    Thanks to Builders Club, members answer their call to lead. One avenue toward development is club leadership—whether as a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary or other officer. April is the suggested time to hold your club’s elections, so you’ll also have time to transition and train new officers. For outlines of the election process, see pages 32–39 of the K-Kids & Builders Club advisor guide. You’ll also find guidelines for officer training. After the elections, share the results and introduce the new officers to your club’s sponsoring Kiwanis club. You might even consider including Kiwanians in the officers’ training!

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