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  • Advisors: December To-Do List

    As the calendar year winds down, don’t let the momentum of your Builders Club slow down too. December is a great time to encourage your club members to celebrate their accomplishments and start making plans for the new year. Here are three items you and your Builders Club officers can put on your to-do list for this month to recognize your achievements and strive for even more:

    • Reflection. Evaluate the club’s progress so far by discussing its achievements and member contributions. Then be proactive about what is ahead. Using an ‘asset-based thinking approach’ will ignite members passions, commitment and energy for the coming year. (Suggested reading for further information on asset-based thinking is Change the Way You See Everything by Katheryn Cramer and Hank Wasiak.)

    • Membership plans. Assess the club’s current membership. Discuss which growth and retention strategies have been effective in the past. Develop a plan for the rest of the year that will help your Builders Club grow.

    • Celebrate. Plan a way to celebrate the club’s achievements and progress so far—perhaps a small surprise for members at the next club meeting, including treats for everyone and a short video showcasing everyone’s efforts so far.

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