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  • Recruitment and retention

    Recruiting new members doesn’t just happen in August. Keep the momentum going throughout the year! Here are a few ways to keep the door open—and the club inviting—for new Builders Club members.  


    The best way to recruit members is through serivce projects at school. When other students see how much fun Builders Club members are having, they’ll be interested in joining your club. After an event, make an announcement about having a (spring) semester call out meeting. This will make potential members more comfortable about joining later in the year.  

    Name recognition

    No matter who we are or how old we are, we all love to see or hear our names. If you make agendas for your meetings, take time to mention new members. Say new members’ names out loud at meetings and recognize them with a special treat or membership pin if you don’t host a new member ceremony. 

    Buddy system

    Friendship is one of the main reasons students stay in a club. To boost your club’s fellowship factor, try implementing a buddy system where everyone has a partner. This could make taking attendance at meetings more fun. Most importantly, if you have any new members, it could instantly give them friends within a club and make them want to stay. 

    Additional incentives

    Sometimes, just having your friends within a club just isn’t enough. Try adding in additional incentives such as a point system where members can earn points by attending meetings and doing service projects. At the end of the year, members can cash in their points for prizes and treats.

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