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  • New Year's resolutions: Start a chain reaction

    This year is coming to a quick end, and 2013 is right around the corner. Have you talked about New Year's resolutions with your members? Many of us are guilty of making a resolution to get into shape and by February 1, we've already given up. Work with your members to set goals they really want to keep such as getting all A's or being a better sibling. If each of your members sets a goal, the impact may start a chain reaction around the school.

    Are your Builders Club members willing to start a chain reaction of compassion? Students' resolutions may range from managing their time better to impacting 150 people's lives by the following New Year's. Take time at your meetings to discuss the members' resolutions and talk about any improvements that can help them reach their goals. Checking up on the goals will hold the members accountable for the difference they wanted to make. Why not have some fun and make a colorful poster?

    We'll explore how to keep the resolutions throughout the year in the January issue of the BC Wire.

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