Builders Club Meeting Kits

Welcome to the 2023-24 Builders Club year!

Builders Club Meeting Kits are ready-to-go tools for club officers and advisors to run meetings while covering many important topics. Kits include step-by-step topic-specific agendas with icebreaker activities, discussion questions, and links to related videos, resources, service ideas and more. Use a kit to run a meeting OR for guidance for club officers to create their own agendas that explore the kit’s topic.  The three theme-based Meeting Kits are:

  1. Club Operations Meeting Kit
  2. Service Meeting Kit
  3. Needs and Causes Learning Kit

Each kit includes many individual kits with topics connected to that theme. Explore the kits below.

How to use a Meeting Kit

Meeting Kits

Club Operations Meeting Kit

Facilitate club operations meetings such as starting the club year, electing club officers and celebrating the year.

Service Meeting Kit

Use these kits to complement the service activities explained in your club’s Service Toolkit that will help you design high quality, high impact service!

Needs and Causes Learning Kit

Learn about needs and social causes in your school, community and world needs as you prepare for a service project.

Suggest new kits and give us feedback!