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  • A new IDEA is coming soon!

    Builders Club is excited to unveil the IDEA Toolkit, a resource for high-impact service. The toolkit will be included in the 2017–18 member kits this September. It has been created to guide club officers through the steps of leading a service project that leaves a big impact on the school and/or community.

    High-impact service occurs when members are fully invested in the project. Such an experience positively affects both members and beneficiaries, and the results last beyond the present. Coming in September 2017, Builders Club will introduce the IDEA Toolkit for club officers. IDEA is a four-step process for clubs to complete a high-impact service project of their choosing from beginning to end. The four steps to IDEA are:

    Identify the Need
    Develop the Passion
    Execute the Project
    Advance the Impact

    The toolkit includes club activities, handouts, discussion notes and more to help club officers lead their club through a high-impact service project: researching needs in their community, brainstorming solutions, planning and reflecting on the process. Stay tuned for updates on the IDEA Toolkit by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Celebrate your club’s year!

    Did your Builders Club do incredible things this year? Are you proud of your members and their accomplishments? Encourage club officers to share the good news with the school and sponsoring Kiwanis club!

    As the end of the school year approaches, it’s a great time for club officers to give the sponsoring Kiwanis club and the school administration a full report on what the Builders Club has achieved. Here is some of the information club officers can include in the presentation:

    • Service success. Share pictures and stories from the year’s service projects, and share what club members have learned from volunteering.
    • Numbers. Show how important the Builders Club is to the school and community by sharing a club report, including the number of students in the club, total dollar amount raised, number of service projects, etc. 
    • Invitation. Encourage the Kiwanis club members and/or school administration to come to the school year’s final Builders Club meeting or the year-end party.
    • Feedback. Ask for ideas on next year’s service projects—and how the Builders Club can be even more successful next year.
    Most important, share a message of thanks to the sponsoring Kiwanis club and the school administration for their support.

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  • Teacher Appreciation Week 2017

    Teacher Appreciation week is May 1–5. It’s a perfect occasion for Builders Club, since teachers have a huge impact on club members. Here are five unique ways the club can celebrate their teachers during the week:
    • Tell” on the teacher. Encourage members to write a letter to the school administration or principal describing all the ways in which their favorite teacher has gone the extra mile. Ask whether the teachers can be recognized at a school event. 
    • Decorate the school. Builders Club members could make posters and other decorations that feature messages of appreciation. Post them in the hallways—and maybe even hang streamers from classroom doors.
    • Offer a snack cart. Members could each bring in a fun snack item. Place the snacks on a cart for members to take turns wheeling around the building, offering a snack and a few words of appreciation to each teacher.
    • Organize a car wash. Invite teachers and other school staff to a free after-school car wash in the parking lot. 
    • Present certificates of appreciation. Invite teachers to the next Builders Club meeting—where each one can be presented with a member-made certificate that includes personalized reasons why he or she is appreciated.
    Share how your club celebrated by tagging @BuildersClub when posting your stories and photos on Facebook or Twitter.

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  • Icebreaker: Building a story

    Build a team feeling among club members—by building a story together!

    Materials needed:
    • A different picture of an object, animal, etc., for each member
    • Ask members to sit in a circle. 
    • Club officers should give each member a picture of an object, animal or whatever category they choose. 
    • The club president should start a fictional story that incorporates the objects in his or her assigned picture. 
    • The member next to the club president in the circle should continue the story by incorporating his or her picture. Continue this with each member in the circle until every member has taken a turn. 
    • Either an advisor or the club president can lead a discussion about the importance of active listening, and how great stories and accomplishments can be achieved when the club works together.

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  • 3 Simple ways to empower club members

    One key responsibility to being a Builders Club advisor is empowering students to lead the club and make decisions. Here are 3 simple ways advisors can help life the confidence of club members:

    • Ask for their input. When members wonder what the club should do next, ask them for their thoughts. If they respond by asking you, help them along by asking, "Well, what do you think?" With the encouragement to think through their problems, members can come to their own solutions and feel more determined to conquer the problem.
    • Give specific praise. Everyone enjoys receiving recognition, but specific praise can really impact a member. When you give praise to a member, be sure to explain exactly what the member did to be successful. 
    • Point out their individual strengths. As an advisor, encourage individual members to take on responsibilities and tasks that play to their strengths. Members will feel more engaged with an important role and contribute to the club's success.

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