Consider educating your members about how to be an “upstander” against bullying in recognition of World Bullying Prevention Month in October. Bystanders are witnesses to in-person or online bullying. While upstanders are people who witness bullying happening and interrupt, speak up, or intervene.  

Consider sparking awareness and discussion with the “Become an Upstander to Bullying” video ( at a club meeting.  This is a Spanish version of the video. Some troubling facts shared in the video call us to help kids: 

  • One in five kids are bullied in the U.S. 
  • Bullied kids suffer from depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. 
  • 57% of the time bystanders acted on their behalf, bullying stops. 

This powerful video provides real tactics kids can use to help their peers become active upstanders against bullying, rather than being a part of the bullying problem. Ways kids can be upstanders include: 

  • Change the subject. 
  • Interrupt. 
  • Question behavior. 
  • Use humor to lighten up a serious situation. 
  • Embrace your differences. 
  • Report bullying/cyberbullying. 
  • Protect/be kind to others. 
  • Include others in what you’re doing. 

Of course, also check out the Bully Prevention Resources on the Builders Club website, including information about Kiwanis’ Culture of Care Initiative and how to promote kindness and happiness. Other resources include “The Roles Kids Play in Bullying” (, 2017) and “Bystanders to Bullying” (, 2018). Help your service leaders in Builders Club gain the tools to be part of the solution to bullying in your school or organization.