Empower club officers to lead with gusto by scheduling “Let’s Make a Difference, Club Officers” training. Rethink the traditional lecture-style presentation. Instead, lead an interactive session using the ideas below. Find the fun in what you’re planning. Your positive energy will spread — and officers will be pumped about participating! 

  • First, pick a fun meeting theme (like “Be Extraordinary” or “Do Great Things”) that will inspire your officers. Use it for meeting invitations, decorations and recognition gifts.  
  • Create a playlist of energizing music to play throughout the meeting. 
  • Give club officers a rest to reboot their thinking. Select exercises like icebreakers or teambuilders.   
  • Provide easels and markers for officers to use as they discuss and record meeting expectations and notes.  
  • Create a talking stick and use it to share if officers aren’t taking turns. 
  • Provide snacks that feed the brain. For example, nuts, trail mix and dark chocolate are low in sugar and high in protein. 

Not sure what topics to cover during training? Check out the sample club officer training agenda below, with links to online resources. Decide which of the items you will cover during the training session and whether officers can review. other items at home. You can create club officer binders or share information digitally. 

Club officer training agenda