A club’s size is important as advisors develop leaders, manage meetings and carry out club activities. Emily Graf is an eighth-grade science teacher serving in her first year as a Builders Club faculty advisor. She has learned a few useful things about running a small club of 18 members, the RCMS Builders Club at Crownover Middle School in Corinth, Texas, U.S. 

The club has officers and committees. Graf suggests having officers serve on most committees to make committee work possible in a small club. Many members wanted officer positions, so finding officers was easy. Three Kiwanis club members provide additional help with club activities. 

Like many clubs, RCMS Builders Club faces the challenge of planning meetings and volunteer opportunities around the busy schedules of students involved in other activities. The club meets every other week. 

“Because we are so small, if we overlap those activities, we will have almost no one at our events,” Graf says. “Just continue to recruit and make the most of the time and talents of the students you do have in your club.”