The biggest part of the Builders Club experience is service. Clubs do service by organizing hands-on projects, doing donation drives for resources people need, advocating for issues and raising money for causes they care about. If your club has determined that fundraising is the best way to address the community need members chose, then follow these important steps to accomplish effective fundraising.

  1. Define the fundraiser’s purpose. Clearly describe the cause or community need your club wants to address through fundraising and which charity or organization best works on that need.  
  2. Set goals and a budget. Determine how much money you want to raise for the cause and list the items/supplies you’ll need to carry out the fundraiser. Make sure to account for expenses in your budget. Determine from whom and where you’ll fundraise and gather donations. Also, if you’re hosting an event, decide how many members and parents/adults are going to be working at the event and who will invite adults to participate. Download and use the Create a Budget and Supply List” meeting kit (with worksheets) to guide members through this activity. 
  3. Identify the audience. Decide who will be interested in supporting the cause and giving to your fundraiser and how to best reach them.  
  4. Set a timeline and deadlines. When will the fundraiser be held? When will you need to start promoting it? For an event, when will you need to finalize event logistics?  
  5. Assign responsibilities to club members. Decide who will lead/be primarily responsible for sponsorships, advertising, getting supplies and recruiting volunteers. If you’re holding an event, who will take the lead on the day of the event?   
  6. Get donations. What will you need for your event? Are there any local businesses that might be willing to donate to this fundraiser? Would your sponsoring Kiwanis club be interested in this cause and be willing to help get donations and supplies?   
  7. Promote. Where can you hang or distribute fliers to attract people who can donate money? How can you use social media to get the word out about the fundraiser?  
  8. Execute. It’s time to put on the fundraiser. Before getting started, make sure you have all necessary supplies and, for an event, that the location is set up properly. Point out the main contact for the fundraiser activity or event to members and volunteers.   
  9. Thank everyone. A successful fundraiser only works if everyone helps, so make sure to thank all members, volunteers, chaperones and the people who donate!  
  10. Share your success. Report to your club, the sponsoring Kiwanis club and the school/organization how much you raised from the fundraiser, how the funds will be used and how the event went. Download and use the “Report Results” meeting kit to help guide the club’s communications about the fundraiser’s success.  

When deciding on the type of fundraiser, remember there are many fantastic ideas beyond the typical bake sale! Find a business that will donate products or experiences and sell raffle tickets for the prizes (like headphones, a game store gift card or a meal at a restaurant). Plan an event and sell tickets to it (like a talent show or an athletic tournament). Set up a game booth at a school carnival. Here’s a list of fantastic fundraising ideas.