Get inspired by a few of the Builders Clubs receiving the 2023-24 Single Service Project Award for projects they planned, organized and carried out. To earn the award, a club provided information about six areas: Service need, project plan, project implementation, final results, public awareness and member impact. Check out their service stories!  

Blessing Box: St. Mary’s School in Sycamore, Illinois, U.S., decided to address hunger in its community by raising money to make a “blessing box” — a cabinet outside the school that would be stocked with food for “anyone in need of a meal.” The Builders Club helped by hosting a Build-a-Sundae ice cream bar and sponsoring “dress-down days” during which students could make donations to participate. The box has become well used and the community has joined the club in making food contributions to keep it stocked. “This project has highlighted the good qualities of our community members,” the club reports, “showing how we truly care and look after each other.”  

Community Clean Up: In North Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S., members of the Builders Club at Civica Nevada Career and Collegiate Academy noticed litter in the streets and parking lots. The club formed a planning committee and organized a cleanup event, using flyers to recruit student volunteers. The club says the 75-minute cleanup encouraged students to “learn about environmental stewardship and responsibility.” The club has also contacted the City of North Las Vegas, which agreed to sponsor future cleanup events. 

The Kindness Chain Service Project: The Builders Club at Beaver Lake Middle School in Sammamish, Washington, U.S., wanted to make kindness more visible and encourage people in the school to be kinder to each other every day. So the club stocked classrooms and public spaces with colorful strips of paper. Each member did an act of kindness and wrote it on a paper slip. The club then linked the strips to create a chain and inspired more students to join in. “From helping a classmate with homework to holding the door open for a student, every act is recorded,” the club reports. “It is a reminder that even in busy school days, we can always find time to positively impact other’s lives.”