Collaboration with Key Club is a smart way to increase the impact of your Builders Club — while introducing members to the concept of continuing in the Kiwanis family during high school. Club members also will learn about the difference Builders Club and Key Club can make at local, state and global levels by working together. 

Learn more by viewing your Key Club district website.  

If collaborating with a local Key Club isn’t an option, don’t let this stop club members from researching Key Club district service projects. Turn research into a club meeting activity: 

  1. Every Key Club district has a different focus, so visit all district websites to collect a variety of service project options.  
  2. Divide Builders Club members into groups of four and assign each group several district websites to visit.  
  3. After 10 to 15 minutes, ask each group to report its findings to the club for review.  
  4. Select one or more service projects that support needs in your community and resonate with your club members. 

Now you’re ready to go!  

If visiting multiple websites seems cumbersome, consider bookmarking the California-Nevada-Hawaii Key Club District’s Spotlight on Service Program webpage. This district’s Service Project Committee created monthly downloadable service guides that include tips and ideas about how clubs can complete monthly service initiatives. It’s a great resource for Builders Clubs! 

Check it out: