Last fall, some Builders Clubs turned their attention from their local communities toward a south African nation, Zambia. During Trick or Treat for UNICEF, these clubs assisted Key Club International with this year’s UNICEF partnership initiative — to raise money to help young children in Zambia have the best start at life possible.

Here’s news your club may not know — you can fundraise for Start Strong: Zambia all year! Check out the videowritten information and other resources to help your club raise money for vital education and health needs through the Start Strong: Zambia project this year. For inspiration, here are three stories of successful fundraising in Builders Clubs at Big Walnut Middle School, Lincoln Junior High School and North Ridgeville Middle School. 

Big Walnut Middle School, Sunbury, Ohio: In the club’s first year, members raised US$270, including $120 that was a gift from the club that decided to donate candy (an expense of $120) for the fundraiser. The club asked their principal (a Kiwanis member) for permission to sell candy during lunch periods and asked teachers to share the Zambia project information video during advisory classes. The club’s advisor says, “It helped that there were visuals and videos on the website to help students understand the importance of the project.” 

Lincoln Junior High School, Lincoln, IllinoisIn two fundraisers over two weeks, this club raised US$471.92 for Start Strong: Zambia. The first fundraiser was a schoolwide competition among homerooms to gather the most money (and earn a pizza party). The club also hosted a bag toss game during lunch, selling chances to get the bags into one of four buckets and earn a candy prize. The club was intentional about marketing the fundraisers creating and hanging posters, making daily announcements and going to homerooms to explain how the money would be used. 

North Ridgeville Middle School, North Ridgeville, Ohio: This club’s 35 members raised US$278 in donations in their community during Halloween trick or treating. The students created paper wrapper containers with information and a QR code, and while going door-to-door, raised awareness about the project and received donations and candy. It was helpful that the students had two weeks to gather donations before and after Halloween, as well. 

Money raised for Start Strong: Zambia is building community centers for learning and playing that include water sanitation facilities; training community volunteers, healthcare professionals and teachers; and providing learning toys for children. Consider organizing a fundraiser or partnering with a Key Club in your community to fundraise together for this amazing project.