As you begin your club service year, do a little training with your officers using the Builders Club Service Toolkit.Have officers first read the explanation of IDEA on page 3 and then explore activities in the service toolkit. You can download toolkit activities through the Service Meeting Kit. The activities are easy to use with step-by-step instructions and a list of necessary supplies.  

Here’s what the four steps of IDEA look like: 

  • Identifying the Need (page 6). Members investigate school and community needs to determine how the club can help.  
  • Develop the Understanding (page 12). Members research the need they’ve chosen and learn how to create a service project focusing on that need.  
  • Execute the Plan. Members will find activities to help them create and carry out a plan for a service project (page 16).  
  • Aim for Impact (page 22). Members think about and share what they learned, the specific contribution the club made through service, what worked well and what they would do differently.   

Incorporate activities from each step. The activities are easy to use, with step-by-step instructions and a list of necessary supplies. Do a few essential activities once a year, including mapping the community and brainstorming service projects. Do other activities as needed, depending on your chosen project — planning a fundraiser, for example, or planning a donation drive.