School breaks offer Builders Club members and officers an opportunity to continue being service leaders. Encourage them to show their caring and use their skills to help in new ways. These ideas can get them started: 

  • Do acts of kindness with family and neighbors. For ideas, visit Random Acts of Kindness. 
  • Join with family to do a service project. Find an issue everyone cares about. Working in a community garden, for example, can get everybody involved. See if there’s one in your area on the American Community Garden Association map or search “community gardens” and your town’s name. 
  • Do a project with friends. Create a Free Little Library or organize a collection of gently used household items to donate to Goodwill or a local organization. 
  • Spend time helping a younger sibling, cousin or friend learn a new skill by using one of your talents. For instance, teach them how to draw, pass a basketball, make jewelry or play a board game. 
  • Help an elderly neighbor or family member with projects such as a house or yard cleanup. 

Let your members know that however they decide to serve others, they are sharing who they are as a young leader and a member of Builders Club.