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Builders Club Meeting Kit

End-of-Year Celebration

Congratulations! You’ve held meetings, served your school and community and elected new officers. After a successful year, it’s time to celebrate! Your end-of-the-year celebration might include the installation of new officers, or that ceremony can be held separately. Installation details can be found in the Builders Club Advisor Guide, starting on page 31.

Before the meeting:

  • Invite guests, including members of the sponsoring Kiwanis club, parents, high school faculty and staff and club members.
  • Have officers and other speakers prepare comments.
  • Consider purchasing gifts or mementos for retiring officers and eighth graders from the Kiwanis Family Store.

1. Welcome

a. Introductions.

i. Introduce officers.

ii. Introduce advisor.

iii. Introduce guests.

b. Icebreakers — Check out these ideas to kick off the meeting.

2. Opening reflection

a. As you begin to plan your club celebration or celebrate during this meeting, ask the group to reflect on the events of this year.

b. Allow outgoing officers a final word to the club. One suggestion is showing the videos: “Love is all — Playing for change” and “Everyday People.”

c. After watching the video(s) and listening to the outgoing officers’ remarks, invite members to share celebratory comments about the club during the past year.

d. Have outgoing officers share a year-in-review about the club’s projects and impact. Share some poignant stories of your club’s joint service throughout this. Afterward, thank all members for their service. Here is a possible source of thank-you messages.

i. Before or after the meeting, update the yearly record of service hours that must be reported to the Kiwanis district and Kiwanis International.

3. Optional: Officer installation (Refer to Builders Club Advisors Guide for details.).

4. Recognition of retiring officers and graduates

a. This section can be led by the new club officers and the advisor.

b. Honor the retiring officers for their service. Your club might have traditional gifts to present — or you may consider starting a new tradition this year.

c. Highlight members going on to high school. Consider presenting them with special gifts created by club members or purchase special Builders Club items from the Kiwanis Family Store.

5. Club announcements

a. Any remaining service projects should be noted, especially if any will be done during the upcoming school break.

b. Check in with new officers to see how their training meetings are going.

c. Discuss any general plans for membership drives next semester.

d. Announce the next club meeting time and place — if that has been determined.

6. Additional resources

a. Support your mental health and raise awareness about the issue by using the resources available through Erika’s Lighthouse. This Builders Club partner has educational resources to encourage good mental health in high school students.

b. Encourage members entering ninth grade to continue their Kiwanis family journey by checking out Key Club in high school.

Have a great school break!

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