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Builders Club empowers youth as they navigate this in-between-stage of life.

Builders Club is a Kiwanis Service Leadership Program for middle years/middle school age students. Club members learn about their interests and talents as they make friends. Their experiences help them develop a passion to serve, skills to lead and the ability to engage and collaborate with others.


More than 1,100 members


21 countries with Builders Clubs

Why Builders Club?

Builders Clubs are hosted in a variety of schools and organizations serving middle years students around the world. The clubs offer students, typically ages 12-14, a place to belong, make friends, build life skills, develop as leaders and contribute through service. Members’ service projects contribute to the community, giving them an impact on issues they care about and increasing the visibility of their school or organization.

It’s student-led.
At the heart of Builders Club is the opportunity for students to lead in big and small ways. Club members and officers choose activities that interest them and put their talents to use. They take responsibility for tasks to help the team and meet personal and club goals.  

It’s age-appropriate.
With caring advisors and meaningful activities based on teamwork, Builders Club is built on positive adult-student and student-student relationships. The program and its resources offer experiences to learn, engage, serve and lead — all designed specifically for students in their middle years, when they are discerning who they want to be.   

It’s flexible.
No two clubs are alike. Each club determines its own meeting schedule, service projects and other activities. That way, it fits the needs of advisors and members — and serves the needs of its community. 

It’s supported by Kiwanis.
Adult Kiwanis volunteers and staff at the regional and international levels are available to support your club’s success. 

Why start a club?

Help your kid belong

You want your child to gain confidence and find a place where they belong. Builders Club provides those opportunities — at an ideal age for learning about themselves and about leadership. Club experiences help members make friends, build skills and improve the community through service leadership.

Nurture connections, confidence and skills

By hosting a Builders Club, you help students develop the social and emotional skills that influence their relationships and the choices they make. During these pivotal middle years, club members and officers find belonging and confidence through teamwork — while they become service leaders in your school and community.