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Your Builders Club is empowering members to be leaders through the vehicle of service-all while building great friendships and having a lot of fun. Every student in the school should be a part of this amazing club experience. Encourage your members to hold a club recruitment campaign. As part of the campaign, create fun posters that inspire students to join the club. Posters could include phrases and catchy sayings on why students should join the club, details on what the club does and how to join. 

Best Poster rules:
  • One person from the club can design the poster, or it can be a group effort. 

  • Posters should be 8 ½x11 inches or larger.

  • The poster must include a small Builders Club logo or include the Builders Club name.

  • Posters must be submitted as a jpg or png file. Submissions must show the entire poster.

  • Upon submitting, club members will be asked to include a short paragraph to explain their design and how the club decided on it.
More information on how to submit entries is coming soon! Stay tuned!