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Service: Evaluating community needs

Before your Builders Club chooses its next service project, members should spend a little time observing the needs of the school and community. What issues or problems do members see in their daily lives—and how can their club help? Encourage them to keep track of their observations by writing them down. At the next club meeting, each member can talk about what they discovered.

Part of being service-minded is noticing the issues and conflicts around you in your everyday life and recognizing that you can make a difference. Here’s a way that Builders Club members can practice this very important leadership skill:

At a club meeting, the club officers can challenge fellow members to observe their surroundings and what issues or problems they see. In addition, club members can reach out to their peers, parents and school administrators to see what problems they notice as well. Here are four questions club members can ask themselves when taking notes:

  • What would make my school or community better?
  • What problems exist in my school or community that my club can help solve?
  • Who do I know or see that could use my club’s help?
  • How can my club’s next service project leave a lasting impact on our school and/or community?
At the following club meeting, members can get into groups and share their notes and findings. The groups can then choose one or two issues that they believe the club should focus on with their next service project. Each group should make a short presentation. Then the entire club can discuss the presentations and decide together what service project they would like to start researching and planning.