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The Builders Club of Engjaskoli, Reykjavik, Iceland

In Engjaskoli, Reykjavík is the only Builders Club in the Kiwanis District of Iceland and the Faroe islands. The Club started to meet in 1995 and got its charter in 1996. The Kiwanis-club Hofdi is the sponsoring club.

The club-members have varied in numbers from 20 to 60, sometimes depending on what is on the agenda. The Club has had to figure out what is the most suitable way to function in our society and culture. The school culture in Iceland is different from that in the US. We have very few independent clubs in our schools that give students the opportunity of being leaders in their community. The Builder Club is a wonderful opportunity for the students of Engjaskoli and many of them have accepted the opportunity to be a part of it.

The club in Engjaskoli has raised money by having costume balls for younger kids at school third, fourth, and fifth graders. They have varied in themes such as Halloween, Summer, Yellow, Super-heroes and so on. The Club charges for admission, sells candy and sodas and has games and prices for best costumes and dances. This has been very successful and the Club has been able to raise quite a lot of money. The club has been able to assist in buying a sound system for the school hall, trees and flowers for the school grounds and assisted the PTA in publishing the school´s phone book, to name a few projects.


The sponsoring club, KC-Hofdi has held many meetings for the Builders Club where they serve pizza’s which is always fun. They have also invited the young club members along with their parents to their meeting where dinner was served. The young kids have also been invited to the District’s training seminar and the kids were great.

It was a great honor for the Club when International President elect Alan Penn and his wife Jerry came to a club meeting. The Builders Club President, Ms. Sandra Yr Gisladottir put the meeting to order, in both Icelandic and English. Mr. Penn spoke to the members and was very keen on getting answers in English. He wasn’t disappointed, as many of the young members were able to reply. This was a rather short but great meeting as everyone was delighted to get the refreshments of “pizza’s and soda”. Afterwards, both Alan and Jerry got a tour of the school with the Club’s president, secretary and cashier along with the Club’s advisor and members of KC-Hofdi.

Being the only Builders-club in Iceland can be a bit lonely and the club members would like to see more kids in Iceland belonging to other Builders-clubs.

Written By: Kristinn Kristinsson - Iceland-Faroe District