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Key Leader rocks your service world

Key Leader

Key Leader is a weekend retreat for today’s youth that focuses on service leadership as the first and most meaningful leadership-development experience. A Key Leader participant learns the most important lesson of leadership: Leadership comes from helping others succeed.

Participants—eighth grade graduates through high school seniors—in the Kiwanis International program also benefit from the weekend’s focus on five Keys to Excellence: integrity, growth, respect, community and pursuit of excellence.

The fee for a student to attend is US$175. Some schools award Key Leader scholarships, but you can also work with your Kiwanis club to arrange financial sponsorship. To learn more about the Key Leader program and to find out about your local event, go to There you will find a map of Key Leader events, registration information and much more!

“I learned what it truly means to have integrity and what a great listener is. Incredible…Super Ideas…Key Leader Rocks!” —Student evaluation