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Needy students inspire Builders Club

The Warrenton Grade School Builders Club in Oregon has a reputation for helping others in its community. Its members take part in a Help a Senior Citizen Day and assist its sponsoring Astoria-Warrenton Kiwanis Club with a garage sale fundraiser and cleanup projects at Kamp Kiwanis on Mt. Hood.  This past school year, though, Builders Club members turned their attention to crucial needs facing some of their fellow students.

“Earlier this year, one of our Builders Club members on a Monday expressed concern that another student had told her he had not had anything to eat since he left school the previous Friday,” says Kate Gruetter, faculty advisor and member of the Astoria-Warrenton club. “She said, ‘If he is that way there must be more students in the same predicament.’”

The Builders did some investigating—including talking with school administrators—and discovered there are at least a dozen such families in the school district. To help them, club members voted to spend some of the money the club had raised to buy each family a bag of nutritional food, at a cost of about $55 per bag. 

By spring break, the number of needy families reached 30, so club members voted to provide each family a week’s supply of food. Club members also started assembling weekend buddy bags to send home with the kids every Friday for the rest of the school year.“This has to be the most outstanding Builders Club in the U.S., insists Emil Nyberg, the club’s Kiwanis advisor.

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