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Mindful Leadership

Mindfulness is also known as Heartfulness, because the practice of being in the moment without judgement cultivates happiness, compassion, kindness and connection to self and others. It provides a way for us to pay attention to our experience so that we can respond rather than react.

The activities provided below are from two amazing organizations, Project Happiness and Mindful Schools. These organizations develop their curriculum based on Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Mindfulness.

Using the suggested Mindful activities before and after Builders Club service projects and events will help club members be more open and present, learning more from each  experience.

Before for the event
Conduct these activities before a Builders Club event to open club members to a Mindful, meaningful experience.

Introduction: Why Mindfulness
Guide: Why Mindfulness

Activity 1: Explaining mindful bodies
Guide: Mindful body description
Worksheet: Mindful bodiesMindful Schools

Activity 2: Self check-in
Guide: Conducting a Mindful self check-in
Worksheet: Mindful self check-inMindful Schools

Activity 3: Mindful breathing
Guide: Mindful breathing- Project Happiness
Worksheet: Anchor spot and breathing – Mindful Schools

Activity 4: Mindful listening
Guide: Mindful listening - Project Happiness
Worksheet: Mindful listening - Mindful Schools

After the event
Help Builders Club members process the emotions they experienced after the event by doing these activities.

Activity 5: Body scan
Guide: Mindful body scanProject Happiness
Worksheet: Body awarenessMindful Schools

Activity 6: Reflection
Guide/Worksheet: Mindful reflection questionsBuilders Club

Activity 7: Sending kind thoughts
Guide: Sending kind thoughts
Worksheet: Sending kind thoughts- Mindful Schools

Activity 8: Encouraging Mindfulness in all you do
Guide: Encouraging mindfulness in all you doBuilders Club
Handout: Mindfulness in all you do

Increase your Happiness Quotient 

Interested in increasing your happiness quotient while helping others gain this important skill set? Join Key Club and Project Happiness in their effort to combat bullying by teaching happiness. 

Register now to participate in the Project Happiness Virtual Race for Wellness Campaign, September 15 to October 15. Your involvement will provide other schools and communities access to Project Happiness' resources. 

Learn more about how Key Club International and Project Happiness are working together to improve overall well-being of youth within our schools and communities.