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Installing club officers and members

Following the Standard Form for Builders Club Bylaws, schedule an installation of club officers shortly after the elections. The club may choose to have a formal ceremony along with the induction of new members or to install officers during a regular meeting.

To enhance your club’s ties with the Kiwanis family, ask the Kiwanis lieutenant governor to be the installing officer. Encourage outgoing officers or a special committee to plan a program that is brief but meaningful and to invite members of the sponsoring Kiwanis and co-sponsoring Circle K/Key Club, the school principal, parents and all fellow members of Builders Club.

Here is some guidance on usual order of events and wording for a formal installation.

Retiring past officers

The installing officer will invite the retiring officers to stand while he or she briefly refers to achievements made during their year of service. He or she will explain the value of continuity in the transition from one administration to another and encourage retiring officers to share their experience and insight with their successors.

Before officially inducting the new officers, the installing officer will address the retiring president, announce his or her name, and say:

“You and your board have served your club and your school well. Please accept my thanks and congratulations. However, your job is not complete. You’ll be in a position to advise and counsel the newly elected officers. Your help and guidance is still needed. Your experience and leadership can be great tools. Your knowledge of the executive duties enables you to make helpful suggestions as you transition this position to the leadership of the new president.

“I ask you to be willing to serve in an important capacity within this club. Make the transition of administration a smooth one by generously sharing your knowledge and experience with your successor. Also, continue serving your home, school, and community, and carry on the virtues that K-Kids/Builders Club has instilled in you.” (Seat all retiring officers. Have new officers stand.)

Installation of new officers

Installing officer:
“Would the charter incoming officers please stand and come forward? Having been elected to the office of president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and sergeant-at- arms, you are responsible for working with the club advisors to make sure club business is accomplished.

“You have a role at all club meetings, so plan to attend and take an active part in all club activities. Express your opinions by always thinking of the best interest of the whole club, not individual members or your personal wishes.

Sergeant-at-arms: “You have been elected to help maintain order at all meetings and to help everyone have a chance to talk and listen to the discussion.”

Treasurer: “You have been elected to help keep records on all funds of the club.
By working with the faculty advisors, you will make sure that all money collected is carefully registered.”

Secretary: “You have been elected to take minutes of each club meeting so that there is an accurate record of discussions. You will be asked to present minutes of the previous meeting at the start of each new meeting.”

Vice president: “You have been elected to work with the president and help in any way needed. If the president cannot lead a meeting, you will be asked to conduct the club business.”

President: “You have been elected to be the student leader of the K-Kids/Builders Club for this year. You will preside at each club meeting. You will work with the faculty and Kiwanis advisors to plan the events of the club and work to complete the plans.

“Remember that this club is a democracy, and as the president you should let the ideas and opinions of all members be expressed. When there is a difference of opinion, a vote should be held.”

To all officers: “It is my privilege to welcome you as the charter officers of this club. I congratulate you on your elections and know that you will always strive to do your very best to complete your responsibilities. The club’s success is not based on one of you, but on all of your work. Always remember the K-Kids/Builders Club pledge and your call to serve our school and community.”

The inductor will then shake the hand of each officer and declare them duly installed.

New Member Induction Ceremony

Installing officer:
“Builders Club is such an incredible organization that each of us should want to share its opportunities with others. Surely there’s no better evidence of this than the induction of new members. Today we’re very pleased to induct the new members of this Builders Club. I would like to invite all of these people to come forward at this time.

“Today we bring these people into membership of this Builders Club. One by one, I will introduce each new member.”

(Insert biographical information about each person being inducted. Include name, grade level, special achievements and other organizational affiliations.)

"At this time, I would like each of you to make your membership pledge by repeating after me:

‘I pledge to uphold the Objects of Builders Club:

  • To provide opportunities for working together in service to school and community.
  • To develop leadership potential.
  • To foster the development of a strong moral character.
  • To encourage loyalty to school, community, and nation."

Closing Ceremony

(Give each new member a member pin.)

“We now induct you into the membership of the Builders Club of (Name of School). I welcome you into our Kiwanis-family fellowship. We know that each of you will bring strength to this Builders Club, just as we surely know that membership in this club will bring many rewarding experiences into your life.

“Please join me in welcoming our newest Builders Club members.” (Applaud)