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Celebrate your club’s year!

Did your Builders Club do incredible things this year? Are you proud of your members and their accomplishments? Encourage club officers to share the good news with the school and sponsoring Kiwanis club!

As the end of the school year approaches, it’s a great time for club officers to give the sponsoring Kiwanis club and the school administration a full report on what the Builders Club has achieved. Here is some of the information club officers can include in the presentation:

  • Service success. Share pictures and stories from the year’s service projects, and share what club members have learned from volunteering.
  • Numbers. Show how important the Builders Club is to the school and community by sharing a club report, including the number of students in the club, total dollar amount raised, number of service projects, etc. 
  • Invitation. Encourage the Kiwanis club members and/or school administration to come to the school year’s final Builders Club meeting or the year-end party.
  • Feedback. Ask for ideas on next year’s service projects—and how the Builders Club can be even more successful next year.
Most important, share a message of thanks to the sponsoring Kiwanis club and the school administration for their support.