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Teacher Appreciation Week 2017

Teacher Appreciation week is May 1–5. It’s a perfect occasion for Builders Club, since teachers have a huge impact on club members. Here are five unique ways the club can celebrate their teachers during the week:
  • Tell” on the teacher. Encourage members to write a letter to the school administration or principal describing all the ways in which their favorite teacher has gone the extra mile. Ask whether the teachers can be recognized at a school event. 
  • Decorate the school. Builders Club members could make posters and other decorations that feature messages of appreciation. Post them in the hallways—and maybe even hang streamers from classroom doors.
  • Offer a snack cart. Members could each bring in a fun snack item. Place the snacks on a cart for members to take turns wheeling around the building, offering a snack and a few words of appreciation to each teacher.
  • Organize a car wash. Invite teachers and other school staff to a free after-school car wash in the parking lot. 
  • Present certificates of appreciation. Invite teachers to the next Builders Club meeting—where each one can be presented with a member-made certificate that includes personalized reasons why he or she is appreciated.
Share how your club celebrated by tagging @BuildersClub when posting your stories and photos on Facebook or Twitter.